ONLINE Personal Training

Don’t put your goals on hold

One-on-one online Personal Training delivered by some of SA’s best trainers. The programmes are designed to keep you motivated and on track to achieve great things.

online Personal Training

Online Personal Training starts here

Training on your own with limited space, equipment and the million other things you have got going on at home at the same time is tough! That’s why we have created online Personal Training programmes to help you meet your goals and keep you motivated during these unprecedent times.

Every journey starts with a detailed consultation, a tailored exercise programme based on your unique personal circumstances and weekly check-ins between you and your personal trainer.

Choose from 3 simple packages

4-week programme


  • 30 min consultation with your personal trainer
  • 4 week personalised training program
  • 3 sessions per week of which one includes a live video training session
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8-week programme


  • 30 min consultation with your personal trainer
  • 8 week personalised training program
  • 3 sessions per week of which one includes a live video training session
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Individual sessions

From R185


  • 30 min consultation with your personal trainer
  • 45 min 1 on 1 training sessions with your personal trainer
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the benefits

Why Personal Training works

Goals based
Personalised training plan
Correct training techniques

How does it work?

Do I have to be a Virgin Active member?

No, anyone can buy a programme.

Do I need to have any equipment at home?

If you have some, great. If you don’t, also great. Your trainer will discuss what you have available and design your programme around it.

Do I need to have done any Personal Training before?

For first-timers, future champs and everyone in between. Our online training programmes are designed specifically for you, your goals and where you are on your fitness journey.

How will my trainer be chosen?

When you buy a package, you’ll be asked a few questions that will allow us to pair you with the best personal trainer for you. Certified via accredited training institutions, our PTs are fitness experts with the knowledge and skills to design safe, effective training programmes.

How will I talk to my trainer?

You decide on a digital platform that suits you best e.g. Zoom, WhatsApp , Skype, Microsoft Teams etc.

What kind of exercises can I expect?

The exercises in your programme will depend on your goals ranging from HIIT sessions and mobility to strength and flexibility etc.

Virgin Active Coach

Virgin Active Coach is our online workouts platform. As part of your programme, you will receive guidance on which of the workouts will best complement your exercise programme. Non-Virgin Active members who buy an online training package will also get access to Virgin Active Coach for the duration of their programme.

Who can I contact if I have any problems?

Please reach out to if you have any questions.